Symptoms of an Endometrioma Mass

Depending on the location of the mass, symptoms might be different for all iatrogenic endometriosis suffers. Growths of endometriosis masses are benign (not cancerous). But they still can cause many problems for much different reasons. Endometriosis is a progressive disease, which means that symptoms usually get worse over time as the mass grows.

In my case the symptoms started right after my cesarean section, and progressed with time. I would compare the pain that I experienced monthly; as intense as passing kidney stones (a pain that is described by many being worse than child birth).

My list of symptoms:


    • Lump above cesarean incision scar, a slow growing mass, painful and tender to the touch with time
    • Abdominal and surrounding area inflammation
    • Abdominal swelling and bloating
    • Constant lower back pain
    • Sciatica pain
    • Abdominal pain and or discomfort when coughing or sneezing
    • Discomfort when doing any type of activity using core muscles
    • Cramping of abdomen rectus muscle
    • Overall weakness of abdominal muscles
    • Denser and tender breast
    • Weight gain
    • Cystic acne
    • Other unexplained discomfort in the surrounding area caused by nerve cells

During menstrual cycle and follicular phase:

    • Lower abdominal aching, dull, sharp pain that starts few days before menstrual and intensify few days after menstrual cycle
    • Internal heat during menstrual and follicular phase around the lump in abdomen area
    • Intense cramps in the abdominal muscle during menstrual cycle and follicular phase
    • Periodic sharp stabbing pain in the muscle during menstrual and it intensifies during follicular phase
    • Lower back and hips radiating pain during menstrual cycle and it intensifies during follicular phase
    • Itching of the lower abdomen area that would start during menstrual cycle and intensifies after the end of menstrual cycle
    • Intestinal pain, nausea, constipation and diarrhea during menstrual cycle and follicular phase
    • Breast size would increase by 1 cup size up during menstrual cycle
    • Overall body swelling


  1. Those are exactly the answers that I have been searching for for years…I even told my Gynecologist that it started after the C section and I even suggested it could have been scar tissue, but he just did not want to agree and just called it endometriosis … I have been suffering severely for the last 3 years and my son has just turned 9 this week… I have a huge lump and my pain is excruciating for at least 10 days after my menstral cycle. I also bleed totally normally so it is not endometriosis. Thank you so much for putting it out there!

    1. Hello Lana,

      An endometrioma mass can happen following a c-section without the patient suffering from endometriosis. You are right about the endometrioma mass pain starting with your menstrual and intensifying at the time of the ovulation (10 days). Looking back at the pain I experienced for 3+ years I realized that the pain was justifying for the damage it did. When the surgeons open me up they found the endometrium cells grew and attached through 8 cm of the rectus muscle and it intervened with my arteries and veins. My endometrioma mass was strangulating and eating my other organs. All those sharp stabbing pains make sense looking back.
      Have you had an MRI or Biopsy done to your lump?

      Take care,

  2. I just had an endometriosis removed today that was at the site of my c-section. My c-section was 5 years ago, and it took 4 years to grow and for me to notice. It was awful. I am so happy I found your list of symptoms, as my symptoms were almost identical! I thin people thought I was just whiny, but the pain and discomfort was real. I am hoping for a speedy recovery and relief from the symptoms! Thanks again!

  3. I am glad I stumbled onto this page. I have all these symptoms. I had a c section in 2009. I had a cat scan with non contrast in the ER for pain And it was negative. They saw nothing. I just had an ultrasound and I have 2 lumps an inch and a half above both ends of my c section scar. Where were your lumps? They saw the masses on the ultrasound but don’t know what they are. I just called my on gym and I’m waiting to speak with him. Not sure what to do next. Every month I dread my menses, because I know those lumps will hurt so bad and burn. Now I have not been diagnosed with this, but I feel this is what I have. Thanks for your page.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Your doctors can easily miss your mass if they are having your uterus scanned instead of your abdominal wall (which is in a different layer of your body). CT scan with contrast, followed by a biopsy should get your diagnostic.

      Good luck!
      Take care,

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