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  1. Thank you for your information and story. I am 5 1/2 years post c-section. I have had this incision pain for 4+ years. I was misdiagnosed until recently. An ultra sound and MRI confirmed a 2.5 centimeter mass that “May” be endometriosis. I self diagnosed myself and insisted on the MRI. I wonder if my weight gain since ceasing breast feeding is related to this (I had lost all my pregnancy weight to then gain it back and more!)
    I meet with a general surgeon in 2 weeks. Have you found anything else that has cured the growth or could prevented surgery? I would like to have more babies and am concerned about the disability that the surgery may cause.
    Do you still think you made the right decision to have the surgery? Did you ever regain use of your abs? Has the mass returned?
    My pain is so intense and I just feel like my body is broken. ( don’t feel well, can’t lose weight etc)
    Thank you for reading this and caring!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for reading my story and sharing yours. I’m truly sorry to hear about your diagnostic and struggles. I’ve been there and it was hard to live in so much pain without any or clear medical treatment. While going through it I also had difficulties with my weigh. During that period I had to watch what I eat and kept up on my work-outs. Now without the endometrioma mass I’m back to my normal self, prior to cesarean.

      There are few medical treatments which slow down the growth but nothing gets rid of it besides surgery. I choose the surgery because that was the only way to remove my growing mass. I did not want to take any chances on experimenting with drugs that have many horrible side effect just to slow down the growth for the time being on the treatment. Since my surgery I’ve had an MRI and nonoccurrence of any abdomen endometrioma mass.

      A year since my surgery I’ve had many struggles that I’ve had to overcome. In my case as you probably have read surgeons had to remove an 8cm of my left abdominal rectus muscle. Living without my complete abdomen wall is a challenge. Medically there isn’t much studies done on this condition. In the past year I’ve been through a lot of doctors and physical therapists and I can finally say that I’ve found the right group of physician that are helping me on the right path to recovery. The missing abdomen muscle has had an impact on my lower back and hips. The spine has shifted to the right (opposite of the missing abdomen muscle) which made disks bulge on right and fibrocartilages to tear on my left.

      Even with my current situation I would still would still opt for surgery. They pain I’ve endured living with the endometrioma mass is far greater than what I’m experiencing right now. I’m hoping the first year post-surgery was the hardest impact on my body and I’m on my way to recovery. I truly believe and have faith that my body will readjusting to its current condition. Advances In Medical Technology will come shortly. Just this year the U.S. Department of Defense-funded a study in muscle regrowth. Looks promising, all five people in the study who suffered serious leg injuries have been able to regrow the muscle tissue in their legs.

      My advice to you is that whatever you decide, always do your own research and get a second doctor opinion. Remember that endometrioma mass is progressive, it grows and the pain only gets worst with time.

      Take care,

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